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There's politics. There's religion. And there's thick crust or thin. When it comes to polarizing topics, nothing is more fun to debate than food. Drum of flat wing? Hard or soft shell? Pineapple on a pizza? There's no right or wrong, or is there?

That's the premise of Nick Rabar's new show HEATED which debuted on Rhode Island PBS in the fall of 2019. Heated takes you to all new dining destinations and takes aim at all of your most controversial cuisine. It's the one food show that you're sure to love, and love to hate!

Look for all new episodes of HEATED! in the fall of 2020.

Pilot Episode


Is it Doughnuts? Or is it Donuts? That's one of the many delicious disputations that get the HEATED circle fired up on the inaugural episode. Travel with Nick as he checks out some of New England's sweetest doughnut shops. From Block Island to Mystic, we'll showcase some hidden gems and put doughnuts center stage as we debate each morsel of this timeless confection.

Watch the HEATED! pilot episode now!

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